Job-Embedded Instructional Coaching

Let’s face it, well-produced videos with eerily happy and obedient students fall short!  Teachers learn best when they are in their own classrooms, with their own students.                                                                                                                                       

The job-embedded instructional coaching program allows you to  engage with the educational specialist and the instructional strategies directly from your classroom. This process offers you the opportunity to experience new strategies, apply them with guidance and ask questions and receive immediate feedback throughout the entire coaching process.


 "That was a complete waste of time."  Either you heard it or you said it  after you spent about 6-hours in a PD session that wasn't designed to meet the individual needs of the group.                                                                                                                                                                           

After the planning interview, all professional development sessions are modified to meet varied needs of all participants.  High levels of engagement and practical application of effective teaching strategies are the focus. Sessions are also designed to encourage ownership and connection with the content so teachers  utilize self-reflection techniques that can be revisited throughout their career.



The Support Process

Poorly planned professional learning activities waste teacher time, energy and funds.   Well-planned coaching and professional development promotes high-quality instruction and builds teacher self-efficacy.                                                      

Whether you are a school administrator needing training for your staff or a teacher wanting one-on-one coaching, all services provided by Learn. Teach. Give! consist of the 3-part Cycle of Support.  We will provide a planning interview and observation to uncover your support needs,  sketch a growth plan and  survey progress towards your goals. 

The effectiveness of any professional learning activity, regardless of its content, structure, or format, depends mainly on how well it is planned. -Thomas R. Guskey

Differientiated Professional Development