Classroom Organization 

Classroom Management

Instructional Facilitation

Instruction and assessment that is designed to meet the diverse needs of the learners, saves time and frustration.                   

Learn how to plan for diversity in a realistic, time-saving way and engage in job-embedded coaching that helps build confidence.

There are no easy cures for tackling student misbehaviors but there are some sure-fire ways to escalate them and sabotage the  classroom management system.                              

Learn how to strategically model and influence respect and empathy as a means to create a harmonious classroom environment.  

Let Us Help You!

Students can learn and teachers can teach in an organized, harmonious learning environment.


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Tamielle Ramsey, Ed.S

Owner & Lead Educational Specialist


Learn. Teach. Give!  is an instructional support company that values the teaching profession, the learning process, and service to others. Our long-term vision is to be in a position to gift teachers with teaching materials, instructional resources and one-on-one coaching. Until that dream is realized, providing affordable, job-embedded coaching and differentiated professional learning that uplifts and empowers teachers is our current mission. All professional learning opportunities focus on classroom organization, classroom management and instructional facilitation. Our methods and strategies inspire instructional and personal growth.

Disorganized classrooms make teachers  feel overwhelmed and make parents and students lose confidence in the teacher.                        

Learn how to create a safe and orderly classroom environment and receive hands-on assistance designing a learning-focused classroom space.